Weddings are the same today as in the past but what has changed is the process and cost. Wedding websites allow you to post so much more information and details for your family & friends. By connecting your website with social media, you open your wedding up to even more! But that is just a small part of what a wedding planning website can do for you. A good planning wedding website not only allows you to have a great looking website but provides all the tools that help you manage your wedding.

Our wedding planning websites include:

Websites are totally free of charge
Simple to set-up
You control your website
Totally interactive Wedding Planner
Budgeting Calculators
Wedding Calendar
Event Scheduler & E-Mailer
Interactive & Responsive RSVP System
Interactive Seat Charting System
Keep in Touch Email System
Thank-You Email Card Tool
No advertisements
No Pop-Up Ads or Announcements
Your own Blog
Social Media Ready
Photo Gallery
Support System
Your own Wedding Registry contained in your website
No fees for Cash Gifts made through registry!
We do not collect your guests personal information!
Secure Webservers
We do not ask for or store any credit card data